So his head came off...?

Mike Gallagher

1/16/2007 7:21:31 AM - Mike Gallagher

I'm sitting in my radio studios fielding phone calls from people who are positively hysterical over the hand-wringing going on over the execution of a couple of Saddam's henchmen in Baghdad.

Apparently, when Barzan Ibrahim dropped through the trapdoor, his head came off.  Ibrahim was the once-feared and terrifying leader of Saddam's revolutionary court.  The two men were convicted of having numerous people murdered, including by being sent through meat grinders.

Death by meat grinder.  Boy, that sounds a lot worse than having one's head snapped off, eh?

The squeamish reaction to the recent hangings is a perfect example of the bleeding heart boobs who oppose the death penalty for anyone.   It was the same thing with Saddam's execution.  The people who opposed it, like the New York Times ("Was There A Rush To Execute Hussein?") are just anti-death penalty.

Personally, I'd rather have my head come off in a split second than dangle from a rope for a minute or more.  I'd rather feel nothing, like the guillotine once offered, than ingest gas or get shot before a firing squad.

And as so many talk show callers are pointing out, having one's head lopped off is CERTAINLY easier than being put through a meat grinder.

Death is death.  Get over yourselves, bleeding hearts....!