The killer "grimaced?"

Mike Gallagher

12/19/2006 6:52:25 AM - Mike Gallagher

Boy, the execution of Angel "Daddy Death" Diaz in Florida must have really been botched badly last week, eh?   After all, it had to be pretty gruesome for Gov. Jeb Bush to order a halt to all executions for the time being.

So what was the reason for all the squeamishness?

Apparently, Angel Diaz "grimaced" as the lethal drugs were entering his system.  Oh, and his mouth "appeared" to open.

Wow.  What a nightmare.  So it took 17 minutes longer for this miserable, low-life, murdering scum to die than it usually does.  So this monster, who was described as a violence-loving creep, "appearance to grimace?"  Are you serious?   Do  you think the people he maimed and stabbed to death "grimaced" a bit?  I wonder how long it took his victims to die?

We are slowly losing our minds in this country.  A jury orders a killer to be executed.  We used to strap folks like him to Old Sparky and fry them, remember?  We've hanged people, locked them in a gas chamber, strung them up before a firing squad.  Think those poor, pitiful folks ever "grimaced" or opened their mouths a bit?

What a bunch of nonsense.  The only people griping about Angel Diaz's execution are ACLU types or people strongly opposed to the death penalty to begin with.

Murderers ought to grimace when they're being put to death.  Instead of pretending we're putting a condemned killer to sleep, or "nappy-time", let's remember that we're executing someone.  It shouldn't be pretty.