Thursday morning musings...

Mike Gallagher

11/16/2006 7:53:45 AM - Mike Gallagher

Some thoughts while shaving:    so Emmitt Smith and his partner win "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC-TV last night.   Oh brother.  I wonder if Emmitt will replace his Superbowl trophy with his "Dancing with the Stars" one?   In our household, we're huge Emmitt Smith fans.  As a legendary football player, not a guy wiggling his hips and sashaying across the stage.  Every time I saw Emmitt on a commercial or a news show dancing his fanny off, I just cringed.   I absolutely refused to watch him shake his groove thing.  Every time he danced, a piece of me, the Dallas Cowboys season ticketholder, died.  How embarrassing.  My wife,  meantime, absolutely loved it and was rooting for Emmitt all the way.   It must be a guy thing.   No man wants to watch his football hero looking like he's in a touring company production of  "Peter Pan"....Emmitt, what have you done???