Let's hope Dems are right...

Mike Gallagher

11/7/2006 6:51:15 AM - Mike Gallagher

I just returned from the Fox News studios where I did an early morning exchange with Democrat strategist Bob Beckel.  Like my wife, Bob's just politically misguided, but he's a good guy.  He takes his party's line that this election today should be about Iraq.

I hope he's right.  Americans are smart enough to recognize that Democrats have absolutely no alternative to what we're currently doing in Iraq, other than to come home.  Coming home is precisely what Osama bin Laden wants.  How awful it will be if Democrats are in charge and we concede this war.  Americans are smarter than that and more importantly, we don't like to lose.

So in addition to record-low unemployment numbers, a healthy Dow, and a thriving economy overall, let's hope Americans think about Iraq when they pull the lever today.

If they do, maybe we'll catch a break and keep the grown-ups in charge.