Keeping our chins up...

Mike Gallagher

11/6/2006 7:35:11 AM - Mike Gallagher

I had been suffering from an NFL hangover.  You know the feeling, the team you root for blows it and winds up losing a game they should have won.  In my case, the Dallas Cowboys snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by handing a bizarre victory to the error-prone Washington Redskins.  Yesterday, somehow, the Cowboys managed a "Bad News Bears" performance that allowed the 'Skins to look like geniuses.  An easy Cowboys field goal with :06 seconds on the clock which would have sealed the Dallas win wound up being blocked and then run back by the Redskins.  Thanks to a terrible officiating mistake (a 5 yard facemask penalty was somehow turned into 15), it gave Washington one last play, with no time remaining, and their awful kicker managed to squeeze it through the uprights from 49 yards out.  Ugh.  I hate football.

So trudging into work this morning, I had those NFL blues.  I was jolted into reality by a reader who wrote me an email reminded me to keep my chin up because, as he put it, "let the Democrats be all gloom and doom -- we're the optimists!"  

How right he is.

Despite scandal after scandal being thrown our way, I'm reminded that we need to keep our chins up and stay positive.  It's no coincidence that scandals from the pages of the National Enquirer are all  happening in the hours before the election.  Heck, the male prostitute who outed Rev. Ted Haggard admitted he waited to time the revelation until a few days before the mid-term election in order to maximize the damage to conservatives.

We'll find out tomorrow night if it worked. 

There's no question that a lot of damage has been inflicted.  Between a difficult war, a number of Republican scandals, and a general feeling of unrest in the country, perhaps the Democrats were right to have been measuring for drapes in the Congressional office buildings.

But another scenario is possible:  voters are going to wake up and go to the polls in huge numbers tomorrow.  Enough of us will see through the deliberately timed tactics, the overwhelming effort by the mainstream press to assist Democrats, and have the ability to ask ourselves a simple question:  do Democrats really offer a better solution to ANYTHING?  Since the Democratic Party has made President Bush and the war the centerpiece of their campaigns, it's a pretty simple task to ask if they offer anything whatsoever that makes more sense than our current goal of defeating our enemy.

Naturally, the answer is a resounding no.

Republicans aren't perfect.  There are bad apples in the Democratic bunch just like there are bad apples in the GOP's.  

But maybe, just maybe, enough people will realize that we're better off with Republicans in control than the Democrats.  And that they'll show up tomorrow to say so.

So I'm keeping my chin up and staying positive.  Besides, surely my Cowboys won't figure out a way to let Arizona beat us next Sunday....