Liberals don't mess with a few facts

Mike Gallagher

10/30/2006 7:38:10 AM - Mike Gallagher

So Michael J. Fox, in what he termed "full disclosure", didn't even bother to read the constitutional amendment he was championing in that controversial campaign TV ad for Claire McCaskill.   He goes on television touting Missouri Amendment 2 and attacking the Republican challenger to McCaskill and yet admitted to George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week" that he hadn't even read the amendment which critics claim could lead to human cloning.

"Although I'm quite sure that I'll agree with it (Amendment 2) in spirit, I don't know, I -- in full disclosure, I haven't read it, and that's why I didn't put myself up for it distinctly", he said. 

Wow.  You sure seemed to put yourself up for it distinctly, Mr. Fox.  Why else would you have done the ad?  And yet once more, we watch a Hollywood celebrity inject himself into the middle of the debate without really knowing what the debate is about.

Friday night, it was glorious fun to watch Bill O'Reilly make a complete and utter fool out of angry, bitter David Letterman on CBS's "Late Show."  Despite Bill's earnest and almost constant seriousness, he knows how to charm an audience, just like he did in the Ed Sullivan Theatre.  Just like Bill's earlier appearance, Letterman just tried to hurl insult after insult and claim that O'Reilly doesn't know any facts, makes most of his opinions up, and is a general all-around "bonehead."

And yet Letterman continues to insist, both on-air and off, that he has never watched Bill on television, has never heard his radio show, nor has he ever read one of O'Reilly's columns.   So pray tell, Mr. Late Night Funnyman, where does all your contempt come from?  How do you KNOW you don't like O'Reilly or what he stands for if you've ever seen, heard or read him?

Some might suggest that Letterman is just pulling the old liberal trick of claiming never to have heard one of us radio blowhards while secretly listening to every word (just about every newspaper columnist who has ever ripped me in the past and claimed to have never heard my show almost always has been discovered to have been devout listeners).

But when Letterman says he's never heard or read Bill O'Reilly, I believe him.  I think he lives his life in blissful ignorance out there in his Connecticut mansion, just working on the next comedy bit.  He knows what he knows:  that patriotic Americans who support our troops and our country are somehow bad.  When O'Reilly pressed Letterman on whether or not he "wanted" the USA to win in Iraq, he just danced around it, refusing to answer a pretty obvious question.

Thanks, Michael J. Fox and David Letterman.  You make it so easy to see what you're really about.  Since you're famous, you have huge platforms with millions of people to play to.  And you don't even bother to find out what it is you're actually talking about.