Mel's Tirade

Mike Gallagher

7/31/2006 12:05:20 PM - Mike Gallagher

A lot of callers to my radio show today were quick to remind me of my frequent and enthusiastic support for Mel Gibson during his "Passion of the Christ" days -- you'll remember that his magnificent, powerful film was met with howls of protest in some quarters by people who accused Gibson of anti-Semitism, since there are people who don't believe the Biblical account of the crucifiction.   Now that Gibson is back in the news over his arrest this past weekend for drunk driving and an anti-Semitic, profanity-laced rant ("All the wars in the world have been caused by Jews" and "Are you a Jew" to the arresting officer), Gibson's critics are back with a passion.   So what did I say to those callers today?   It's a fairly easy answer.  There was nothing anti-Semitic about "Passion."  But it sounds like there is plenty of anti-Semitism in Mel Gibson.  I was always troubled by his refusal to denounce or renounce the Holocaust-denying comments made by his father.  But this latest incident should be proof that Gibson is an angry guy who has a lot of issues with Jewish people, issues that most decent people should condemn.  His apology is preposterous, that being drunk led him to say things that he doesn't believe.  I've seen more than a few drunks in my life and I never found alcohol to be something other than a type of truth serum.   Anyhow, what does this mean for Mel Gibson and his future?   It ought to mean that ABC-TV drops him from plans to have him produce a mini-series on the Holocaust.   After what we've learned, Mel Gibson should be the last person in the world chosen to be responsible for something that important on national television.