Hungry for Hunger strikes

Mike Gallagher

7/5/2006 6:35:31 AM - Mike Gallagher
I've been making the rounds on Fox News over the holiday -- seems a group of Hollywood types are joining Cindy Sheehan, aka "Peace Mom", in a hunger strike to protest the war in Iraq and a number of Fox segments have featured the protest.  Yesterday, I had the joyful experience of talking in front of a live studio audience, on Fox's daytime talk show, "Dayside."  What a blast it was to hear this studio full of people jeering and booing the idea of a bunch of pampered Hollywood multi-millionaires giving up their bean sprouts and mocha lattes for a brief period of time.  As if that could possibly have any impact on America's support of the war whatsoever.

And the real kicker:  they're not even fasting for any extended period of time.   It appears the usual suspects (Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, et al) are going to do their hunger strikes in "relay" fashion -- one of them will fast for 24 hours, then pass it along to the next celebrity, and on and on.   Geez, these folks can't even make a decent committment when it comes to doing a hunger strike.

If they wanted to REALLY get our attention, let's see them go on a hunger strike like Dick Gregory used to do.  Let's see Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon turn into sickly skin and bones, weighing just a fraction of their former selves. 

Perhaps then some of us might take these clowns seriously.