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Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Anti-Israeli protestors were caught on tape shouting “America is the World’s Largest Terrorist Organization!” Hmmm… Ok. Can I assume these people think Jihadists are just Muslims that weren’t hugged enough as children, or what?

(Weasel Zippers)

Speaking of cute and cuddly terrorists: Here’s some footage of Hamas firing on Israelis from the cover of a Palestinian hospital.

(The Gateway Pundit)

Joe “Open-Mouth-Insert-Foot” Biden joked about wanting a Republican kid, so the kid can work hard and fund Joe’s retirement… Of course, Biden doesn’t realize we already have this scheme in place. It’s called Social Security.

(Free Beacon)

British Liberal Democrat David Ward tweeted that if he lived in Gaza, he’d probably fire a rocket into Israel. But don’t worry: Tweeting about your desire to engage in an act of international terrorism against the world’s only Jewish state is no big deal. In fact, for much of anti-Semitic Europe, comments like this are considered "Kosher".


Michael Bloomberg should be applauded for his staunch support of Israel. The Former NYC mayor flew into Israel to prove the point that Obama’s FAA ban on Israeli bound flights is pure nonsense… I, however, can’t help but notice all the armed security surrounding the anti-gun New Yorker.


Opponents of Capital Punishment are all upset because some horrible murderer experienced another “botched” execution… I mean, he still died – it just took about two hours. Personally, I think 45 caliber bullets would solve a lot of the problems we’ve been seeing with executions lately. And it would be cheaper.

(CBS News)

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