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Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Obamacare took a serious blow today as a Federal Appeals court ruled that most of the subsidies are illegal under current law. Of course, Obama has insisted that these subsidies will continue, regardless of the court’s ruling. I mean, we can’t really expect a little thing like Constitutional checks and balances to get in the way of European Socialism, right?

(Weasel Zippers)

A group of prominent Democrats (is “a gaggle” the appropriate term?) have decided to live off a minimum wage budget for one week as an awareness campaign. With the way Democrats budget, I wouldn’t be surprised if their minimum wage week includes large amounts of deficit spending.

(Free Beacon)

Iran is pretty close to enriching uranium – and we’re about to give them another $2.8 billion as part of our effort to relax sanctions. Neat! We’re now paying rogue states to prove our impotence. North Korea should probably try to jump on this Obama-appeasement bandwagon.

(Free Beacon)

So, how much does Obama golf and fundraise? A lot. But to be fair, I’d rather have him on a golf course somewhere than pretending to be the President on TV.

(The Right Scoop)

Cambridge liberals apparently believe that government should be giving poor people food, clothing, transportation, housing, and even $100,000 in cash... So, I say we implement a new entitlement program that provides all these services; and to pay for it, maybe we can tax Cambridge liberals.

(Fox News)

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