Tribalism, Not Religious Faith

Michael Medved

11/27/2012 4:06:00 PM - Michael Medved

A recent story from Pakistan highlights the utter depravity of Muslim extremists who threaten all civilized societies. India recently executed Mohammed Kasab, the lone surviving gunmen in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that slaughtered 160 civilians.


This was India’s first execution in 15 years, and the condemned killer admitted his role in the killings. Nevertheless, the Pakistani Taliban vowed revenge, promising the group would launch new bloody assaults to get “justice” for their dead comrade. They also demanded return of his body to Pakistan for “honorable” Islamic burial.


But in Islamic law, mass murderer of innocents clearly earns the death penalty. This illustrates the true nature of Islamo-Nazism: it’s not an expression of some serious religious principles but pure tribalism and barbarity, where a member of “the tribe” should escape consequences for his actions, no matter how evil.