Michael Medved
Buried within dismal election night tallies, conservatives can find some encouraging numbers. Sixty percent of all American voters were married, and married people chose Romney overwhelmingly, 56 to 42 percent.
Meanwhile, voters in households making more than $50,000 a year – a full 59 percent of the electorate – also went Republican by a big margin of 8 percent. And a full 78 percent of voters identify themselves as Christian—Protestant or Catholic – preferring Mitt Romney by more than 10 percent.
So how did Obama win? By piling up big majorities of the single, the poor, and the twelve percent who say they have no religion – all characteristics primarily of the young. But most people don’t want to stay single, poor and irreligious as they get older, so the GOP remains the party of grownups and the American dream – a dream that’s still overwhelmingly popular.

Michael Medved

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