The Battle of Biographies

Michael Medved

10/17/2012 10:02:08 PM - Michael Medved

The Obama-Romney duel isn’t just a contest of vision and values, but also a battle of biographies. Mitt Romney has devoted his life to institutions the left views as outmoded and even dangerous – the business community, the Mormon Church and the traditional, patriarchal family. Barack Obama has invested his existence in endeavors the right considers self-indulgent, unproductive and even un-American – community organizing, elite academia, navel-gazing autobiography and corrupt political machines.

To Democrats, for-profit business is selfish, and to Republicans big government is arrogant. Liberals think that Romney feels contempt for ordinary Americans, while conservatives believe Obama shows contempt for America itself.

With such deep biographical distinctions, the election isn’t just about which candidate is best qualified, but it’s become a polarized process to decide which  contender is worthy, and which one worthless.