The Opposite of Independence

Michael Medved

9/28/2012 3:22:20 PM - Michael Medved

Our biggest national holiday is the 4th of July—or Independence Day— and it celebrates not just political independence for the nation but personal independence for each of its citizens. Americans should remember that
the opposite of independence is dependence—counting on government to provide sustenance and support.

No one wants to live this way, since dependence defeats liberty, and no one should celebrate the sad fact that a third of all Americans now live in a household receiving some form of welfare check from Washington—not even counting Social Security and Medicare. Can Barack Obama take pride in growing poverty and swelling welfare rolls under his leadership, with food stamp recipients doubling?

As Mitt Romney recently declared: “In my presidency, we won’t measure progress by how many people get on food stamps, but how many people get off food stamps.”