Who is America's Real "Problem"?

Michael Medved

7/19/2012 2:48:36 PM - Michael Medved
With the American economy teetering on the verge of a new recession, President Obama can’t talk about his own record of positive accomplishment-- so he concentrates instead on efforts to smear Mitt Romney for his business success.  A new TV ad concludes with the line, “Mitt Romney is not the solution. He is the problem.” This slogan suggests that private citizen Romney is more responsible for the nation’s woes than the President of the United States.  How is an honorable, charitable, dedicated family man, with never a hint of scandal or ethical taint, “the problem” for America? If Mitt Romney disappeared tomorrow, would the nation’s real problems be solved in any way? But if Barack Obama were replaced in the White House this November, it might actually help America begin repairing our wounded economy and dysfunctional government.