Obama's Misrule: Folly or Just Weakness?

Michael Medved

7/17/2012 2:31:20 PM - Michael Medved
The grim employment numbers for the month of June make it clear that Barack Obama will face re-election with an economic record that’s deeply disappointing. In response, the president seeks to blame outside forces – uncooperative Republicans in Congress, “head winds” from Europe and, of course, his predecessor, George W. Bush. But after three and a half years, any effort to explain away the depressing economic and fiscal situation makes the president look bad. If he trumpets big accomplishments like Obamacare and the failed stimulus, then he looks powerful but wrong-headed. If he complains that he’s helpless in overcoming destructive forces that have overwhelmed him, then he looks sympathetic but weak. Either way, the president counts as a failure and it won’t matter to voters whether they attribute his disastrous economic management to foolish policies or simple incompetence.