Do you want to send $2,600 a month to Washington?

Michael Medved

6/18/2012 5:45:31 PM - Michael Medved

Are you ready to spend $2,600 every month to support the federal government? Would you willingly pay or borrow $31,000 a year to cover the operations of the Washington bureaucracy? The Treasury Department reports spending of more than $300 billion a month in Fiscal Year 2012, which comes to more than $2,600 for every American household.

Most American families would need to come up with more than half their income just to keep the federal behemoth afloat. Taxing the rich won’t solve the problem: even if the famous “1%” of top earners paid 100% of earnings, we’d still face an unsustainable deficit. The key question Mitt Romney must ask the voters is whether they want to stop the insane runaway spending, or whether they want to re-elect a president who irresponsibly pledges he will spend even more.