Is "Love" More Important than Policy?

Michael Medved

6/11/2012 2:05:18 PM - Michael Medved

While conservatives emphasize practical results and hard-headed logic, liberals often stress feelings and good intentions. On anti-poverty programs, for instance, the left concentrates on noble purposes and downplays often counter-productive consequences.


In another context, Vice President Biden tried to appeal to wary Jewish voters by suggesting that his warm emotions trump substantive disagreements with the Israeli leadership. Speaking to the Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism, Biden acknowledged that Mitt Romney and Bibi Netanyahu had been personal friends for 36 years, and then discussed his own relationship with the Prime Minister. Biden said he once signed a photo for Netanyahu with the inscription, “I don’t agree with a [bleep] thing you say, but I love ya.” Shouldn’t friends of Israel worry more over splits on substance and policy than they care about Biden’s effusive declarations of “love”?