Why Support a "Jew Free" Palestine?

Michael Medved

5/31/2012 2:18:04 PM - Michael Medved

The most dangerous assumption about the Middle East Peace Process holds that any agreement must uproot 400,000 Jewish residents of the West Bank and East Jerusalem from homes they’ve often occupied for decades. Why must a new state of Palestine be “Jew free” any more than Israel – with 18% Arab citizens – is “Palestinian Free”?

Visiting the Jewish communities of the West Bank – as I did in May – shows hard-working, family-oriented idealists eager to get along with their Palestinian neighbors. Forcing them from their homes would do profound economic damage to any prospective Palestinian state, while proving that such a state wasn’t ready for peace with Israel.

When Gaza disengagement pushed Jewish residents from their communities in 2005, it didn’t make local Palestinians more peaceful – but resulted in 8,000 rocket attacks from fanatics encouraged in their extremism.