Erasing History--In the Shape of a Cross

Michael Medved

5/24/2012 2:14:48 PM - Michael Medved

Militant secularists have launched an outrageous campaign to ban one of the most famous symbols of the September 11th attacks from a place of honor in the new memorial museum at the World Trade Center site. Many Americans felt inspired by two twisted girders that somehow survived the wreckage and formed the huge 9/11 cross. Now American Atheists has begun legal action to keep that cross out of the publicly funded museum despite its historic significance, insisting it's a religious relic that belongs instead at a nearby cathedral. This obnoxious allergy to crosses, and the ongoing push to drive them from monuments and parks where they've stood for years, shows that it's the non-believers, not religious conservatives, with a radical, intolerant agenda. They want to change America beyond recognition and to sweep away any symbols that challenge their absolutist views.