Who's Out of Touch?

Michael Medved

5/9/2012 4:51:56 PM - Michael Medved

The president’s re-election campaign attacks Mitt Romney as hopelessly “out of touch,” but a recent vote in North Carolina revealed that it’s Obama himself who is removed from ordinary Americans. Voters (both black and white) overwhelmingly backed a constitutional amendment preventing redefinition of marriage—an amendment strenuously opposed by leading Democrats.


Meanwhile, the administration welcomed a U.N. bureaucrat to America to review “oppression” against Indians--a “rapporteur” who then demanded the U.S. to give Native Americans more land, including Mount Rushmore. Speaking of public land, it’s Obama supporters who have filed frequent lawsuits to remove crosses or 10 Commandment displays while deriding the influence of religion.


Mitt Romney may well be far wealthier than average Americans, but he shares their attitudes toward family, faith and hard work. In judging who’s really out of touch, values matter more than the size of a candidate’s personal bank account.