The Sad, Lonely "Life of Julia"

Michael Medved

5/9/2012 4:50:14 PM - Michael Medved

The Obama campaign released an embarrassing comic strip called “The Life of Julia” designed to show Obama policies helping a “typical” American from cradle to grave.


The story begins with three-year-old Julia in the federal Head Start program and ends with her retirement on Social Security benefits at age 67. Along the way, she gets free contraception, subsidized student loans, and enhanced ability to sue her bosses. Julia never marries, though she “decides to have a baby” with free health care guaranteed by Obama. That baby –the only person who appears with Julia in any chapter of her existence – disappears when he’s six and she’s 37.


“The Life of Julia” seems above all lonely—unintentionally revealing that those without family and community depend more on government, while those depending on government are less likely to build strong families and communities.