Politicians Can Lose Touch--Even Locally

Michael Medved

4/26/2012 1:55:03 PM - Michael Medved

The suburban town in which I live recently shocked the political establishment in a public vote on new school bonds for $200,000,000. The officials wanted to tear down all five local schools, replacing totally functional 30-year-old buildings with high-tech, cutting edge “green” facilities.


Every politician in the area—Republicans as well as Democrats—backed the new borrowing and our community, proud of its top-ranked schools, had always approved previous calls to boost education spending. But citizens crushed the new proposal by a margin of nearly two to one. 


When a Seattle suburb Obama won handily rejects heavily promoted school bonds, it shows mounting ire about rising taxes. And when local officials in a city of 22,000 misunderstand their skeptical constituents, it illustrates how easily representatives in Washington can lose touch with the people they’re supposed to represent.