How Is Romney "Out of Step" with American Values?

Michael Medved

4/23/2012 12:36:00 PM - Michael Medved

In a campaign speech in Exeter, New Hampshire, Vice President Joe Biden attacked Mitt Romney as “out of step with American values.”


This is an outrageous charge that demands a direct challenge from fair-minded sources in the media. In what way does Mitt Romney fail to honor American values? His family life has been exemplary: 42 years of marriage with five married sons and sixteen grandchildren. He gives prodigiously to charity, with no hint of impropriety in either his business or political careers. Does Romney violate “American values” just because he’s rich?


In fact, Americans have always honored the goal of creating wealth through hard work and honest effort—as did Romney. Biden and Obama are actually more out of step with traditional American values, through their support for bigger government, more dependency, and less individual accountability.