Holding Obama Blameless for His Biggest Failure

Michael Medved

4/19/2012 12:53:21 PM - Michael Medved

If the public thinks race relations have gotten worse in the last three years, doesn’t the president deserve some of the blame? A Newsweek/Daily Beast poll showed  that 63% of whites and 58% of blacks feel that race relations have stayed the same or gotten worse since Obama became president; less than 40% of either blacks or whites say relations have improved.  Meanwhile, a staggering 85% of African-Americans insist they approve of Barack Obama’s handling of race relations. How can you overwhelmingly approve of this president at the same time that you’re overwhelmingly convinced we’re going in the wrong direction? Even if you blame someone else – like conservatives – for persistent racism, the current gloomy situation is proof that Obama’s leadership has been so weak that he failed in his most important goal of unifying the nation.