Should Government Favor Luck Over Hard Work?

Michael Medved

4/18/2012 6:11:44 PM - Michael Medved

A recent poll shows that most Americans want to give lottery winners big tax breaks while punishing those who earn their living through honest effort. According to a YouGov survey, a majority wanted lottery winners collecting millions to pay less than 10% to the government, at the same time they demanded tax hikes above 35% for any family earning $250,000 or more.


In other words, if you got your money through pure chance like the Mega Millions winners, the public wants you to pay a lower rate than, say, a modestly successful doctor who benefits society.  The only possible explanation for this illogical attitude is that the public looks at lottery winners as ordinary people like themselves who caught a break, while they resent well-paid professionals for even constructive achievements that seem foreign and unattainable.