Jewish Voters Place Leftist Instincts Above Israel

Michael Medved

4/5/2012 2:26:46 PM - Michael Medved

A new survey from Public Religion Research Institute shows American Jews continuing to lean left—with 73 percent saying our “economic system unfairly favors the wealthy” and 81 percent demanding higher tax rates on the rich.


Disproportionately prosperous Jewish voters apparently feel guilty about our own success and want to identify with the underdog. Unfortunately, they don’t rally behind the ultimate underdog, Israel—just 4 percent list Israel’s security as their top priority issue. Maybe that’s why Obama, despite his angry, unreliable Israel record, still retains overwhelming Jewish support –only 7 percent of the Jews who backed him last time now say they’ll vote Republican.



Within the Jewish community, conservatives must build stronger connections with Israel by encouraging the big majority of American Jews who’ve never visited our ancient, reborn homeland to journey to Jerusalem for the trip of a lifetime.