Dishonest Rhetoric that Breaks the Unity Promise

Michael Medved

4/5/2012 2:27:44 PM - Michael Medved

Barack Obama promised to unify the country by moving beyond partisan bickering, but he breaks that promise with divisive, dishonest rhetoric. In a speech to the Associated Press he said Republicans want to “strip away more regulations and let businesses pollute more … lay off thousands of teachers” and “close hundreds of national parks.”


Why does the GOP yearn to do such damage? The president says it’s to give a “trillion dollars in tax giveaways” to millionaires. What’s worst about this attack is the president knows it’s not true. The Republican Ryan budget wouldn’t cut revenue to the government—it helps revenue grow when the economy grows by getting rid of loopholes and tax giveaways, not creating new ones. When a desperate president lies shamelessly to the American people seven months before an election, we’re in for an ugly political season.