$686,000 Per Delegate?

Michael Medved

3/22/2012 2:02:51 PM - Michael Medved

Wall Street Journal calculations on campaign spending in the GOP nomination fight reveal how much each candidate spent per delegate. Rick Santorum got the most “bang” for his buck: investing $52,000 for each of his delegates.


Mitt Romney was next most efficient, at $187,000 per delegate—spending more than his competitors, but getting far more delegates. Newt Gingrich fared much worse at $248,000 per delegate and Ron Paul was worst of all—spending a shocking $686,000 per delegate, while losing every state so far in primaries and caucuses.


The next president must operate a more efficient government and radically cut spending, so it’s hard to see how Paul’s lax management of his own campaign qualifies him for the job—or  what, precisely, his generous contributors achieved with the $35 million they’ve given to a costly, unconventional campaign.