Moral Relativism: Blind to Brutality

Michael Medved

1/24/2012 3:29:00 PM - Michael Medved
Moral relativism has infected elite opinion, making it impossible for so-called enlightened people to make even the most obvious judgments about right and wrong. In an interview with a Dubai-based Google executive who helped launch the Egyptian uprising, the New York Times asked him to comment on the prevalence of what they called “female circumcision” among 91 percent of Egyptian women between 15 and 49. Wael Ghonim noted “there was a religious debate around it” but refused to “make a judgment call.” How can anyone fail to condemn the brutal practice of genital mutilation, which deliberately eliminates sexual pleasure, with big risks and no conceivable health benefits? By outrageously calling this mutilation “circumcision” the Times equates it to a Biblical practice for males that provides substantial benefits, as recommended by medical authorities and even the UN.