Bureaucrats Supervise Stallion Love Life

Michael Medved

1/23/2012 5:44:36 PM - Michael Medved
The federal government is fighting in court to spend millions on a controversial new program to castrate wild stallions in Nevada. The mustangs live on federal land and the growing herds threaten environmental damage. Animal rights activists won’t allow the obvious solution of encouraging hunters to cull the herds, and they’re suing to stop the castration plans because they’d allegedly alter the “fighting spirit” of the horses. Meanwhile, taxpayers spend $75 million a year to handle the mustangs, and more big money to debate these issues in court. Why not let private citizens who value and honor the horses maintain them with donated funds in private reserves? The expenditure of big money to supervise the reproductive lives of wild horses represents a classic case of government taking over functions where bureaucrats don’t belong.