The Good Guys Win--At the Movies

Michael Medved

1/16/2012 2:03:00 PM - Michael Medved
Every once in a while, it’s worth celebrating when the good guys win – and that just happened at the Golden Globe Awards, of all places. THE ARTIST, one of the most flat-out wonderful films of recent years, won Best Picture, Comedy or Musical; Best Actor and Best Musical Score, and it’s heavily favored in the upcoming Oscars.

Amazingly, it’s a silent film in glorious black and white, with such infectious musical accompaniment you’ll want to own the soundtrack. Best of all, THE ARTIST tells a story about the end of the silent film era, with a sweet, heart-tugging romance, and even an adorable Jack Russell Terrier who saves the day.

Take the kids, take grandma, and savor the uplifting feeling you can only get from a startlingly original work of art that’s old-fashioned in the best possible sense.