Ron Paul, Foreign Policy and the Constitution

Michael Medved

12/27/2011 6:07:37 PM - Michael Medved

Committed conservatives who support Ron Paul's presidential bid often choose to dismiss his naive and radical attitudes toward foreign and defense policy, but in so doing they ignore the very Constitution that Dr. Paul claims to revere.

America's founding charter doesn't place the President of the United States in charge of the economy, or social policy. But it does make him Commander-in-chief of the military and gives him principal power to conduct our relations with other nations.

This means that those who back Paul's domestic policies but ignore his isolationist, moral-relativist approach toward America's position in the world are actually saying they care more about presidential roles not specified in the Constitution than they do about the chief responsibility the Founders themselves had in mind. Dr. Paul wants America to play a less robust leadership role in the world—apparently agreeing with Barack Obama, but disagreeing with great Republicans Lincoln and Reagan.