Arguing Purposes, Not Rates, of Taxation

Michael Medved

12/5/2011 2:33:00 PM - Michael Medved

Partisan disputes on the budget aren’t just about rates of taxation; the core argument centers on the very purpose of federal taxes. Republicans believe that the only valid justification for Washington to seize money from those who earned it is to fund essential government services like national defense or border protection. Democrats, on the other hand, tend to believe the real purpose of taxation is “sharing the wealth” and shrinking gaps between rich and poor.

That’s why conservatives insist on dealing with deficits by cutting unnecessary spending, but liberals prefer taking more money from the rich to prevent them from gaining even more ground on the less fortunate. The left supports high taxes not as a means to protect dubious government programs but in order to retain the redistributive role of government which liberals consider sacred, and conservatives see as immoral.