Sick Movie Inspires Healthy Longing

Michael Medved

11/28/2011 4:22:02 PM - Michael Medved

Most critics agree that BREAKING DAWN, PART I, the latest installment in the wildly popular TWILIGHT SAGA, is a dreadful movie. The acting is wooden, special effects laughable, and plot non-existent.

Why, then, have countless "Twi-Hards"—80% of them female, according to box office reports—made this wretched mess one of the biggest commercial hits of the year? The answer surely involves a longing for family and traditional commitment. Yes, heroine Bella falls in love with a vampire, but they wait till their wedding night for sex, where she immediately conceives.

Both Edward, her vampire mate, and the equally infatuated werewolf, Jacob, are part of large extended families eager to welcome lonely, teenaged Bella into their close-knit clans. The creepy, silly supernatural elements lend the promise of permanence—a precious commodity in an era of shallow, fleeting hook-ups.