Obama Snubs European "Unity" Example

Michael Medved

11/17/2011 2:46:00 PM - Michael Medved

Italy and Greece have established multi-party “governments of national unity,” empowering drab, problem-solving technocrats as Prime Minister to deal in non-political ways with budgetary crisis. World markets seem reassured, seeing these changes as signs that the two troubled economies will seriously address their problems. Meanwhile, the U.S. faces current deficits higher than either Italy or Greece, but President Obama makes no moves toward national unity, bashing Republicans with inflammatory partisan rhetoric and doing nothing to help the Congressional Super Committee find the needed deficit reductions.

For once, America should try to follow Europe’s example: placing some conservative Republicans in the White House inner circle and making the painful, bi-partisan adjustments needed to avoid catastrophe. Instead, the president prefers playing politics, focusing on re-election rather than looming financial disaster, and blaming Republicans rather than working with them.