"All the Single Ladies" Face the "New Scarcity"

Michael Medved

11/10/2011 1:08:55 PM - Michael Medved


The Atlantic magazine featured a controversial cover article called “All the Single Ladies” by 39-year-old journalist Kate Bolick, who discussed her work for an hour on my radio show. Ruminating on her own never-married status, she reached some grim conclusions: “As women have climbed ever higher, men have been falling behind…So women are now contending with what we might call the ‘new scarcity’…. Today, with the precipitous economic and social decline of men of all races, it’s easy to see why women of any race would feel frustrated by their romantic prospects.”


She diagnosed the situation poignantly and accurately, but treated it as an inevitable fact of life, not a reflection of bad choices and result of bad ideas. She never questioned the feminist de-emphasis on marriage and family, or the abandonment of distinct, contrasting gender roles, that contributed to so many problems for men and women.