Did Mitt Suddenly Become Less Conservative?

Michael Medved

10/26/2011 3:20:19 PM - Michael Medved


Why do so many outspoken conservatives who embraced Mitt Romney’s campaign four years ago express strong doubts about him this time?


In 2008, prominent right wing radio hosts rallied to Romney’s cause while questioning Huckabee’s spending record in Arkansas and denouncing McCain and Giuliani as moderates.


Since then, Romney hasn’t moved left on any issue; his Massachusetts governorship ended way back in ’06, and his changes from moderate to conservative on abortion and other questions occurred well before his ’08 candidacy.


If anything, Romney is more solid and persuasive as both candidate and conservative this time. Some right wingers prefer Cain, Perry, Bachmann or Gingrich, but it’s illogical to denounce the candidate they embraced last time as suddenly “phony,” “inauthentic” or “Republican in Name Only.” Mitt Romney deserves respect for strong campaigns in both 2012 and 2008.