Jewish Disillusionment Could Doom Obama

Michael Medved

10/18/2011 5:03:55 PM - Michael Medved

A new poll shows drastic erosion in President Obama’s support from Jewish voters. Obama won 78% of Jewish votes in 2008, but only 45% now approve of his job performance, according to a survey by the American Jewish Committee. Among Orthodox Jews, a stunning 81% disapprove of Obama’s handling of US relations with Israel.

The National Jewish Democratic Council, a pro-Obama group, notes that a loss of just 20% of Jewish voters—far below the president’s 33% losses in the new poll—would shift 200,000 votes in Florida, and 70,000 in Pennsylvania—both crucial swing states. The tendency of Orthodox Jews to tilt strongly Republican not only reflects the greater importance they attach to Israel, but  also a far greater comfort than their secular brethren with the fervent religiosity of Evangelical Protestants and traditional Catholics who play such prominent roles in today’s GOP.