Where's the Congressional "Occupy Wall Street Caucus"?

Michael Medved

10/17/2011 2:38:56 PM - Michael Medved
Media claims that “Occupy Wall Street” protesters will invigorate the Democratic Party, like Tea Party activists galvanized Republicans, ignore stark contrasts between the two movements. Occupy Wall Streeters battle police and trash public property, while Tea Partiers assemble respectfully and clean up afterwards. Middle class conservative activists take brief time off from jobs and families, but idle, angry leftists camp for weeks in parks. Tea Party organizers shifted effortlessly to practical politics since Republicans already identified with goals of reduced spending and limited government. But Democrats can’t endorse Occupy Wall Street goals because no one knows what those goals are. Sixty-six members of Congress identify as an official “Tea Party Caucus” but an “Occupy Wall Street Caucus” would draw scarcely one tenth that number. Mainstream Democrats can’t speak for radicals who contemptuously reject both our economic and political systems.