Jerusalem Arabs Say: No Palestinian Control

Michael Medved

10/12/2011 2:01:16 PM - Michael Medved
A startling Palestinian poll casts fresh light on the future of Jerusalem, with only a small minority of the holy city’s Arab residents saying that they back control of the city by a future Palestinian state. The survey by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion asked Arab residents of East Jerusalem if they preferred citizenship in Israel or a Palestinian state and only 30% chose the Palestinian option. Official Palestinian leadership wants East Jerusalem as their capital, but since Arabs comprise only 57% of the population even in that part of the city, this means less than 16% of all East Jerusalemites want Palestinian citizenship—and even smaller percentages in Jerusalem as a whole, where residents are  two-thirds Jewish. If the UN supports principles of self-determination, then the international community must firmly reject claims for a Palestinian capital in a city that overwhelmingly rejects that future.