The Melting Pot Still Works

Michael Medved

10/10/2011 2:46:36 PM - Michael Medved

Surprising figures from the Census Bureau and Ohio State University show rapid assimilation by the Hispanic community in the one measure that matters most: intermarriage. A rising proportion of Latino newlyweds- 28.2% by the most recent measure – now marry “non-Hispanic whites.”


If this trend continues, it calls into question the common and destructive classification of “Hispanic” as a permanently separate racial or ethnic identity, especially when nearly half of Hispanics already identify their own race to the Census Bureau as “white.”


When nearly a third of all Latinos also marry Anglos it not only indicates the decline of anti-Hispanic prejudice, but works against any push for dangerous ethnic separatism. Fortunately, the celebrated US melting pot still seems to work, uniting Americans of all national origins in the most intimate and consequential manner.