A "Warrior for the Middle Class?"

Michael Medved

10/4/2011 6:00:00 AM - Michael Medved

Barack Obama responded to Republican charges of “class warfare” by saying he’s proud to be “a warrior for the middle class.”

But what battles—or even skirmishes—has he ever won for working families? By what measure has middle class life improved during the Obama presidency? In terms of unemployment, wages, the price of gas and food, conditions have gotten much worse.

To try to hide that fact, the president pushes tax increases for the rich without ever explaining how raising taxes would create jobs or spur recovery, and without revealing why he expects a conservative GOP House to pass those tax hikes when Democrats did nothing to raise taxes in the four full years they controlled both the House and Senate.

If misdirected Obama is a “warrior for the middle class,” then ordinary Americans ought to worry getting wounded by friendly fire.