Two Front-Runners Practice Mutual Destruction

Michael Medved

10/3/2011 2:29:27 PM - Michael Medved

Surging support for presidential candidate Herman Cain reflects his warm, likeable personality, his status as an outsider, and his bold, upbeat program for reform. But it also stems from the thoughtless, self-destructive nastiness that’s damaged frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Perry fatuously called Romney “Obama lite”—when the two GOP candidates actually take similar positions on all major issues for the country’s future. Meanwhile, Romney blasts Perry’s approval as governor of in-state tuition to illegal immigrants who graduated from Texas high schools.

This issue is an irrelevant distraction—questions of in-state tuition are a gubernatorial matter that will never become a presidential concern. Moreover, battling over Perry’s past shifts attention away from Obama’s incompetent present—diluting the focus on the economy that can bring victory next year, and unite Perry, Romney and all Republicans behind positive, conservative solutions.