How GOP Could Appeal to Hispanics

Michael Medved

9/22/2011 2:36:49 PM - Michael Medved

In a disappointing moment at the GOP debate in Tampa, Florida, none of the presidential candidates could give a strong, positive answer to a question about how Republicans should appeal to Hispanic voters.

One obvious answer would have cited the paramount importance of family in Latino culture—stressing that most Hispanics are instinctively closer to conservative positions on defense of marriage and the value of human life. Second, Republicans far more than Democrats stress the importance of assimilation—deriding the multicultural approach that would keep ethnic groups perpetually separated.

As Chicago education reformer Juan Rangel says, Latinos must decide whether they’re just another permanently aggrieved victim group, or America’s latest success story of immigrants joining the mainstream. Republicans should promote the second outcome and warn of the negative consequences for all Americans in categorizing people according to skin color and ethnic origin.