Michael Medved

The newly-released remake of the 1971 film “Straw Dogs” transplants the film from England to Mississippi in order to recycle every twisted stereotype of red state America.

The hero is a Harvard-educated Hollywood screenwriter trying to complete a project in his wife’s hometown, while devoutly Christian, good-ol’-boy locals rape his wife and attack his home before he strikes back with sadistic, mutilating rage. 

New York Times critic A.O. Scott acknowledges that “there is an obvious political allegory here, and it’s possible that ‘Straw Dogs’ will find a cult following among frustrated Democrats going into the next election cycle.”

In other words, “frustrated Democrats” see today’s politics as a life and death confrontation between enlightened coastal intellectuals, eager for accommodation, and brutal knuckle-draggers from the South who must be slaughtered, not appeased. No wonder the liberal establishment looks ahead with desperation and dread.

Michael Medved

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