Rick Perry's Problem

Michael Medved

9/14/2011 1:36:53 PM - Michael Medved


If Texas Governor Rick Perry hopes to regain momentum for his presidential campaign, he should learn to walk away from his own mistakes. In the Florida GOP debate, he stood by comments that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke engaged in “treasonous” behavior, when Perry could have easily acknowledged he made a poor choice of words. Treason is a crime that brings the death penalty.

Perry also compounded his problems on Social Security, failing to distance himself from statements in his book that the program should be terminated and represented a “monstrous lie.” Until he presents a credible plan for Social Security reform, not repeal, this issue will distract him from focusing on Obama’s vulnerabilities—since 80 percent of Americans want Social Security to continue. All candidates make mistakes, but the successful ones know how to correct them and move on.