Giant Upset in New York City

Michael Medved

9/14/2011 1:34:47 PM - Michael Medved

 In a startling upset, conservative Republican Bob Turner captured a Brooklyn-Queens Congressional seat that last elected a GOP representative in 1923!

Ten months ago, before his disgrace and resignation, Anthony Weiner carried this district by 20 points, and Democrats hold a 3-1 registration edge. The defeat represents a dramatic rejection of President Obama’s leadership on the economy and Israel: the most Jewish district in the country chose a Catholic conservative over a lavishly-funded Orthodox Jewish Assemblyman and son of a former Assembly Speaker.

This vote signals that the President, who won 78 percent of Jewish ballots in 2008, can no longer take those voters for granted. If President Obama loses his lopsided majorities among Latinos, Jews and Asians, he’ll lose the White House, so Republicans should work to welcome disillusioned voters from blocs now questioning their ill-considered allegiance to a President recently described as “O-bumbles.”