Gay and Straight Couples: An Unbridgeable Gap

Michael Medved

9/8/2011 4:28:47 PM - Michael Medved

USA TODAY reported “Monogamy on the Rise for Straight, Gay Couples” while minimizing distinctions between same-sex relationships and traditional marriages.

But the highlighted study for the journal “Family Process” actually told a different story: the percentage of married men who ever cheated on their wives dropped to 10%, while cheating among gay men with live-in partners dropped to 59%--from an astonishing 83%!

Some critics say the incidence of infidelity among heterosexuals is probably understated, because of guilt and embarrassment. But this factor emphasizes the unbridgeable gap between norms for gay and straight couples. Even with the reported “rise of monogamy” big majorities of gay males still admit that they’re unfaithful to their partners, demonstrating the way so-called “marriage equality” for same sex couples will alter our core notions of what marriage means and spouses expect.