Anti-Semitism Stops the Music in London

Michael Medved

9/8/2011 5:55:52 PM - Michael Medved

In an unprecedented display of hateful fanaticism, noisy demonstrators disrupted a London concert by one of the world’s leading symphony orchestras. The Israel Philharmonic was performing to a sold-out audience at BBC Proms, a 117-year-old summer concert series, when a dozen protesters from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign repeatedly yelled anti-Israel slogans, forcing the BBC to drop its live broadcast.

During the Cold War, anti-Communist demonstrators occasionally held up signs outside performances by visiting Russian groups, but ruining an evening of beautiful music for eager concertgoers crosses an obvious red line.

Even artists from brutal dictatorships like Cuba, Iran and China perform without interruption, but artists from the Jewish state have become unique targets. Ironically, the Israel Philharmonic was organized in 1936, when Jewish musicians fled Europe at the height of Nazism. Successors to those refugee founders now suffer assault in the very heart of the free world.